Singer, railroader prepare for June 21

Kay and Allen Hinck are both looking to showcase their creativity and find other creative endeavors at the Imagination Celebration event.

The tapestry of Waunakee is woven from many strands of artistry, with innovative souls constantly working on their creations.

When the Imagination Celebration event showcases local talent June 21, people involved in music, dance, visual arts and business and technical innovation will reveal Waunakee's creative side.

Among the many exhibitors and performers is a local couple, Kay and Allen Hinck, both of whom nurture their own creative pursuits.

Kay Hinck sings with both the Yahara River Chorus and a barbershop quartet, The Next Door Four.

The chorus and quartet perform a cappella, with no other musical accompaniment, relying only on their own voices for musical instruments. Their repertoire includes old swing tunes, rag time and more contemporary music from Michael Jackson, Elton John and Celine Dion, Kay said.

Kay said she is hoping to meet other Waunakee area women who might be interested in joining.

"We always welcome more members," she said.

The ability to read music isn't necessary, but it helps, Kay said.

She also hopes to let people know that barbershop music is alive and well, she said.

And for women who enjoy entertaining, the musical groups provide a reason to get dressed up in "pretty costumes," Kay said.

Allen is part of the Waunakee Society of Model Railroaders, an organization dedicated to keeping up the model railroad in the basement of the Waunakee Depot.

Allen will provide a display at the Imagination Celebration event, and he hopes to make the community aware of the local model railroad group. He has pictures of that the display that go back to the late 1970s, so people can see how that model railroad line has evolved over the years with different scenery.

"We're always looking for increased membership," he said, adding that the railroad enthusiasts meet twice monthly the second and fourth Tuesdays, except in December.

Both Kay and Allen say Waunakee is full of artistic talent. Kay noted that the community has a family atmosphere, and creative pursuits offer a "neat way to have fellowship with other people."

The Imagination Celebration organizers are continuing to register those interested in exhibiting their work or demonstrating or performing at the June 21 event. For a registration form, see the website

The deadline to register is May 28.

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