Springfield Land Use

Shown is the Town of Springfield’s future land use plan and Waunakee’s extraterritorial jurisdiction boundary.

The Village of Waunakee and Town of Springfield are closer to updating their intergovernmental agreement on land use. After Springfield’s plan commission recommended approval of the updated intergovernmental agreement, the Waunakee Plan Commission followed suit at their meeting Monday. The previous agreement had expired in 2016.

The new agreement shows an effort “to promote continued intergovernmental cooperation with the Town, joint planning, and the preservation farmland and natural areas in the town,” according to a staff memo to the commission.

It shows an area for future growth west of Hellenbrand and south of Kopp Road, labeled Community Residential.

It also creates a new section labeled Rural Neighborhood area where rural residential development is allowed. The agreement seeks to protect the town’s rural agricultural character within Waunakee’s extraterritorial jurisdiction by minimizing the visual impact of rural residential development along Hwy. 19 “via techniques like thoughtful placement with respect to existing vegetation and/or topographic changes, setbacks, and/or the planting of new vegetation or berming.”

The agreement also requires the village and town to meet periodically to discuss land use and transportation-planning issues.

The intent is to have both the town and village board adopt the policy jointly in the near future, said Tim Semmann, Waunakee community development director.

Other news:

Also at Monday’s meeting, commission:

-heard little feedback during a public hearing on a conditional use permit to allow a home-based matting and framing business at 304 W. Verleen Avenue. After approving hours of operation from 8 a.m. — 8 p.m., the commission approved the permit.

-approved a conditional use permit for a cell tower at 805 S. Division Street after a public hearing with no comment. Verizon Wireless and Dish Wireless LLC requested the tower and facilities. The Federal Aviation Administration found the 145-foot monopole would pose no risks and lights are not required.

-recommended approval of an amendment to Kraemer Development’s General Development Plan of Woodland Crest at the corner of Century Avenue and Peaceful Valley Parkway. The site plan includes one building to lease to multiple tenants. Jeff Kraemer, the developer, showed where outdoor dining could occur. The plan was changed to relocate the drive-thru. Developer Jerry Tierney of the neighboring Kilkenny Farms provided written comment expressing support for the plan.

-heard an initial consultation for a plan to renovate the Mill House Quilts building to allow for a boutique hotel with six rooms on the upper level at 100 Baker Street. Plan commissioners expressed support for the idea but advised the two business partners to consult with an architect and engineer, noting costly improvements, such as an elevator, may be needed to comply with the American with Disabilities Act. Brett Bower’s proposal notes that the quilt shop, the hotel and Bower’s business partner’s fly fishing business, would operate at the location. Bower is considering purchasing the building.

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