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The Golden Sour Anniversary Ale will be released June 10.

A new Lone Girl Brewing beer to be released June 10 will celebrate two Waunakee companies’ anniversaries – Kramer Madison’s 85th year and Lone Girl’s 5th year.

Lone Girl Brewmaster John Russell has brewed Golden Sour Anniversary Ale to be released June 10 to celebrate the two milestones. Russell described the story behind the ale.

“It started with the idea of aging and fermenting this commemorative beer in wood, which is a common fifth-year anniversary gift (if you follow those guidelines). Wanting it to be a unique and special kettle sour, I decided to make two beers, one that was soured and fermented with our house yeast, and the other using a yeast that produces a lot of esters that interact well with hops,” Russell said. “Then I mixed the two together. I was going to put it in the wood barrel, but in the end, I liked the bright and citrusy flavors so much that I just left it as is. It’s perfect for a summer drink on the Lone Girl Patio.”

The Westport printing and design firm partnered with the Waunakee brewery to provide the package design for the limited-edition Anniversary Ale.

Joe Bauernhuber said he found the designing fun.

“I’m always up for a challenge and immediately got to work, sketching out several conceptual directions from bold handset typography to vintage designs, finally landing on a revised Lone Girl silhouette set against a gradient pattern of shimmering fireworks,” Bauernhuber said. “I can’t wait to see (and taste) the final product.”

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