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Jen Rudis began to help others with weight loss after she lost more than 100 pounds. She calls her new business “a little boutique of wellness.” (Photo above by Roberta Baumann, others submitted)

When Jen Rudis lost more than 100 pounds, she not only changed her appearance but her whole life.

She gave up her job at Coca Cola where she worked in Rhinelander and pursued a new career. After earning her holistic health coach certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where she is also an ambassador, she found her passion: Helping others lose weight naturally.

In November, Rudis opened Jenerate Wellness, one of several health and wellness businesses located within Sapphire Studios on Century Avenue in the former Dean Clinic building.

“I was overweight until my mid 20s. I decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired,” Rudis said.

In 2009, she saw a clinical nutritionist just outside of Rhinelander.

“I started losing weight naturally,” she said.

In her hometown, people began to notice her weight loss, and she began helping them achieve their weight goals.

“Every chance I got I’d share my ideas with others about changes I made in nutrition or ideas I figured out from changing up my exercise regimen,” she explains on her website.

Last April, she quit her job in Rhinelander and made the decision to move to the Madison area. She settled in Waunakee because the small-town feel reminded her of her hometown, she said.

Jenerate Wellness offers an array of services, including one-on-one nutrition coaching as well as different weight-loss options.

Its saunas help with weight loss and detoxifying, Rudis said. The infrared light heats up the body’s core, causing the individual to sweat. Rudis said it’s possible to burn between 500 to 600 calories during a 30- to 40-minute sitting in the sauna, and fat is lost during this time.

The infrared light is the safe, healthy part of natural sunlight and is the same light used by hospitals to warm newborn infants, Rudis said. Light therapy is also available for those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and vitamin D deficiency.

Rudis recommends the sauna not only for weight loss, but for skin rejuvenation, treating fibromyalgia, arthritis aches and pains, and cardiovascular issues, particularly hypertension. It also helps relieve stress, Rudis added.

Jenerate Wellness offers a number of products and supplements for weight loss and wellness, including more than 50 types of tea.

“Everything in this space, I use personally,” Rudis said, including the organic, sugar-free chocolates and essential oils.

She describes her business as “a little boutique of wellness.”

Rudis said most important to her during her own weight loss was her strong support system and having a coach to be accountable to. Plus, she was truly ready to lose the weight, she added.

“I was ready to take another direction,” she said.

She also changed her eating habits, choosing natural foods such as lean proteins, fruits and vegetables and eliminating refined sugar.

“Eliminating sugar is the key to success to weight loss and maintaining it,” she said, adding that several natural sweetener replacement products are available.

More information is available on her website,

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