Dane County recorded its 1,000th case of COVID-19 on June 17, prompting a statement from County Executive Joe Parisi, who commended its citizens for rallying to support one another in the face of the global pandemic.

But, Parisi noted, the virus remains with us.

"It is a very real threat to our well-being. COVID-19 continues to spread, disproportionately affecting communities of color, seniors, and those with health conditions. That said, everyone is at risk of transmitting this illness and can become carriers, potentially making those closest to them very sick. As we have seen in so many other states, we may not be through the worst of this and need to remain vigilant. Based on federal health projections, this fall could become very difficult once again," the county executive said.

Parisi said our actions are critical to reducing the risk of infection, and that although rates are lower in Dane County than other locations, citizens must continue to take precautions. Those include minimizing time in group settings, wearing face masks and washing hands frequently.

"Sadly, our community will experience many more cases and deaths before the end of the year. There will be more job losses. More kids will struggle with modified school lessons. More individuals will experience mental health challenges. Together, we must continue to bring out the best in one another to navigate the challenges we still face from COVID-19. As a lifelong Dane County resident, I know we are up to the task before us," Parisi said.

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