Conceptual plan

Shown is the plan for the Karls Family Dental expansion at Second Street and O’Malley Street presented to the Waunakee Plan Commission Sept. 14.

Waunakee’s plan commission is recommending the village board approve a certified survey map combining two lots on Second Street for Karls Family Dental, allowing the building to expand by 2,800 feet.

At the Sept. 14 plan commission meeting, staff expressed support for the redevelopment project as the Village Engineer called it “a nice addition to the downtown area.”

Karls Family Dental has been practicing in Waunakee for decades. The project will allow for a larger lobby, more space for the expanding practice and a parking lot.

But as the village’s planning consultant, Jason Valerius, noted, much of the focus has been on the parking lot, which is located next to an apartment building and is proposed with more stalls than the number staff believes is necessary.

Valerius also recommended that a sidewalk be installed to O’Malley Street to connect the existing sidewalk to the main entrance.

A village parking ordinance also requires a 25-foot setback from parking lots to residential properties. The proposed lot is 7 feet from the lot line, according to a memo from Valerius to the village board. But the plan also includes a fence to mitigate the shine of headlights, and the residential property to the south is an apartment building within a quasi-commercial area.

“The intention of that ordinance was really for impacts it would cause on a single-family” development, Even said.

“I don’t see this as being an issue, especially with that fence going in there,” said Commissioner and Village President Chris Zellner. “I do view it as more of a commercial corridor right there where they’re located.”

Dr. Matt Karls, who practices with his father, Dr. Stanley Karls, said they have been excited about the project and have been ready for a parking lot.

“The big thing is the handicapped accessibility,” Karls said. “We have a lot of senior citizen patients, and the ability to have multiple entrances without any steps is going to be just a nice feature.”

Zellner said the building would fit in well near the fire station.

Commissioners asked whether the Karls had talked to the neighbors. Neighbors will be notified before the village board considers the certified survey map.

The commission recommended approval with the parking ordinance exception and staff conditions on a unanimous vote.

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