Waunakee area residents can participate in a survey to help guide how the region grows.

With the region’s population expected to grow by another 150,000 people over the next 25 years, the Capital Area Regional Plan Commission is updating its regional Vision 2020: Dane County Land Use and Transportation Plan.

The commission recently launched A Greater Madison Vision with various forums and table top exercises to gather input.

Between Sept. 12 and Nov. 12, area residents can participate in the survey, as well, to help guide regional growth and development growth through 2040.

Some key points will be:

-How will region address the doubling of the aging population, increasing racial and ethnic diversity and changing housing and living preferences?

-How will driverless cars, job automation, artificial intelligence and ecommerce expansion impact the region?

-Will social and political changes such as urban and rural divide, and reduced role of federal and state government continue?

-Will environmental changes, such as climate change, water pollution and groundwater reduction influence growth?

The survey will be available online at greatermadisonvision.com.

In an effort to also encourage participation among younger residents, regional planners have offered cash donations to youth groups most engaged in the effort to gather feedback.

Waunakee Community High School students will take the survey, but the cash donation was less important to school administrators than the experience itself for the students, said Tim Schell, curriculum director.

He, along with Principal Brian Kersten and district Administrator Randy Guttenberg, thought the survey would be a good use of the students’ time, Schell said.

“We thought it was good civic engagement for kids,” he added.

Because the survey will influence regional plans for the next 20 years, the process is generational, according to Schell.

“This is really about their future,” Schell said.

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