A grand donation

LEFT: Molly Petroff, Waunakee High School choir director, and Kathy Bartling, retired Waunakee music instructor, accept a donation from Waunakee Rotary Club President Joe Baer. The Music Department is fundraising for a concert grand piano designed to fill a space like the Waunakee High School Performing Arts Center and resonate with the choirs, bands and orchestras. The current piano is an instrument designed for the home that was generously donated by the Tegtmeier family 15 years ago. It will be a rehearsal piano for the choir room and help the district upgrade all rehearsal room pianos. Anyone who would like to contribute to something that will impact music students for years to come can access the Concert Grand Piano fundraiser at www.classmunity.com/waunakeewi/view-fundraisers.php