The Waunakee Community School District has announced its first-quarter staff recognition award winners.

Receiving recognition are Lori Gallagher, Gretchen Kestler, Miranda Moe and Christy Wright.

Lori Gallagher is a special education teacher at Waunakee Middle School who, according to the staff recognition committee, is a “go-to person” for information, as the students’ advocate and to see the global picture of the constantly changing world of special education.

“Lori works tirelessly towards helping students reach not only their IEP goals, but also their potential as members of our school and community,” the committee said. “She has devoted countless hours to scheduling every year, and has done a great job making sense out of this for all of us as she continues virtual schooling.”

Gretchen Kestler is a fifth-grade teacher at Waunakee Intermediate School who ensures all students have the opportunity to grow educationally as well as personally.

“She has really gone above and beyond during virtual learning. She uses technology and her students as her inspiration to come up with fantastic lessons,” the committee said. “She isn’t afraid to try new things and share her ideas with others which makes her a great collaborator.”

Miranda Moe is instructional coach/interim principal at Arboretum Elementary School. The committee commended her for the job Moe had done in this role, adjusting to changes. She seeks out collaborative opportunities in order to make the best decisions for children in our learning modes right now. She has provided incredible support as we have entered a new area of virtual education. Miranda has kept us steady in this chaotic time, and we appreciate her.”

Christy Wright is a math inter-ventionist at Waunakee Middle School, who has been instru-mental in the implementation of Developmental Designs there and has guided the other staff through the new advisory period, the staff said.

“Every day she helps prepare something new for us to do with the kids. At the forefront of these daily lessons is Christy, who has col-laborated with other staff to create fun, inter-active, edu-cational, relevant activities that engage students and teachers alike,” the committee said.

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