Three high school seniors in the Waunakee Whirlwines 4-H Club have been as Participation Award Winners.

Whitney Weisensel. is currently club President and has been in 4-H for 10 years. She has also held offices of Vice-President, Sunshine Person, Treasurer, and Secretary. Weisensel has been involved in many community service activities such as Food for Kids, Salvation Army Bell Ringing, Sienna Crest, and June Dairy Promotion. Her favorite part of being in 4-H is “Being able to be a part of a group that supports each other through anything.”

Weisensel has learned many valuable things in 4-H, but she has learned the most from the Dairy Project, she said. She encourages many kids to join 4-H, too,

“I have met a lot of awesome people that I know I will keep in touch with even after my time is done in 4-H. I couldn’t have asked for a better 4-H experience.”

Jenna Schiffman has been a part of 4-H for eight years. She has helped plan the club Easter egg hunt and was a project protector for the fair.

Her favorite part of being in 4-H is “showing and hanging out at the fair during the summer,” she said. The most valuable life skill Schiffman has learned in 4-H was from the Sheep and Dairy Project.

“They really helped me learn how to work with different animals and become very comfortable with them,” she said. Schiffman wants to eventually become a large animal veterinarian and hopes to be able to give back to her community and one day help out at the fair as a large

animal veterinarian. When asked why younger members should stay involved throughout high school, Schiffman said, “It gives you great opportunities like showing and a lot of other community service options which looks great on applications on college applications.”

Eliza Endres has been in 4-H for 10 years now and has been Vice President, Treasurer, Sunshine Person, Youth dairy leader, and Photography Youth leader. Her favorite community service project was making tie blankets for the Salvation Army, June Dairy Promotion, Bell ringing for the Salvation army, and Bingo at Sienna Crest.

The most valuable thing she learned in 4-H was through the Dairy Project. Eliza’s favorite part of being in 4-H is getting to exhibit projects at the fair each year.

When asked why younger members should stay involved in 4-H throughout high school, she said “It teaches you many valuable life lessons.”

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