Signs of further redevelopment on Main Street may soon appear if Hovde Properties begins demolition on the 200 block of the north side of the street.

The village passed a resolution Monday, making clear that the demolition of the buildings there will have no effect on its negotiations with the developer.

“The Village believes that it is in the public interest for Hovde to take steps to prepare its property for development, if Hovde chooses to,” the resolution states. “The Village also understands that if Hovde were to take steps to prepare its property for development, this conduct would not impact negotiations between the Village and Hovde, as no decisions have been made on the proposed development by either party, including whether the property will be developed by Hovde and/or the level and scope of development to be completed.”

This would be the second Main Street redevelopment project for Hovde Properties, which rebuilt the Koltes Lumber site, transforming it into a retail and office complex where The Lone Girl, the Red Barn Company Store and other businesses are located.

In November, Hovde presented plans for a mixed-use complex housing with 14,000 square feet of retail and 118 apartments in a u-shaped structure on Main Street’s 200 block.

While village board members appeared impressed with the proposal, they also expressed concern about its impact on traffic and parking.

Village board members have been meeting in closed session to discuss what sort of incentive package to offer the developer and did so again Monday before returning to open session to approve the resolution. The site lies within a Tax Incremental Finance district.

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