Streets throughout the Village of Waunakee will be closed to traffic for a short period while chip sealing is underway.

Fahrner Asphalt will begin chip sealing July 29 and 30, weather permitting.

The streets that will be affected are as follows:

Scoil Court - Shenandoah to Bulb; Savannah Boulevard - Peaceful Valley Pkwy to Old Chip Seal; Tierney Drive - Old Chip Seal to 1401 Tierney Dr.; Peaceful Valley Park parking stalls; Kilkenny Trail - Cottontail Dr. to Shenandoah Dr.; Cottontail Drive - Peaceful Valley Pkwy to Westport Line; Shenandoah Drive - Westport Line to Old Chip Seal; Peaceful Valley Parkway - Woodland Dr. to Blue Ridge Tr.; Foggy Mountain Pass - Peaceful Valley Pkwy to Old Chip Seal; Cardinal Way - Savannah Blvd to Foggy Mountain Pass; Woodland Drive - Dover Dr. to 5838 Woodland Dr.; Woodland Drive - 5838 Woodland Dr. to Emerald Grove Ln.; Woodland Drive - Division St. to Dover Dr.; North Ridge Dr. - N. Division St. to Ridge Top Dr.; Ridge Top Drive - Skyview Dr. to N. Division St.; Boulder Trail - North Ridge Dr. to Ridge Top Dr.; Stone Edge Court - N. Division St. to Bulb; North Division Street - North Ridge Dr. to Easy St.; Baker Street - Main St. to Cross Street; Cross Street - Baker St. to Water St.; Mill Road - Arboretum Dr. to Woodland Dr..

During the chip sealing operation, the selected streets will have limited access to all traffic (including bicycles and pedestrians), and driveway access for a couple of hours to allow for the chip seal application. The streets will be open to traffic as soon as the chip seal operation is complete. However, a “NO PARKING” restriction will be in effect until the streets have been swept (approximately 24-48 hours after the sealing). No Parking signs will be posted in advance of work.

If you have any questions concerning the chip sealing operation, please contact Bill Frederick, Village of Waunakee, Public Works Director at (608) 849-5892.

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