The Waunakee Community School District has announced its second-quarter Staff Recognition Award recipients. Receiving awards for the quarter are Anne Blackburn, Kathy Grosskopf, Tim Mommaerts and Amy Spahos.

Anne Blackburn began this year as the communications and engagement specialist with the district. In announcing the award, the staff recognition committee noted that she “jumped into her role in a very challenging time.” The committee also commended Blackburn for responding to both parent and guardian questions and concerns with kindness.

Kathy Grosskopf is the health assistant at Arboretum Elementary School, who the committee said also helps out in the office if needed.

“She has kept a positive attitude and made sure everyone is following policy and procedure to keep our staff and students safe,” the committee said.

Tim Mommaerts is the principal at Waunakee Intermediate School. The committee noted that Mommaerts leads by example and is trusted and respected by staff and students while his behind-the scenes work has kept the school running smoothly.

“While facing unprecedented challenges this year, he has remained as calm and steadfast as any leader could be,” the committee said.

Amy Spahos is a sixth-grade teacher at Waunakee Intermediate School who the committee called a true leader of the sixth grade team, ensuring that students are doing hands-on and engaging science activities during virtual learning.

“She is always sharing new ideas to make learning fun and interactive for the students in math and science,” the committee said.

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