Two men, one from Sun Prairie and another from Madison, are facing felony charges in Dane County Circuit Court after police arrested them in Waunakee in two separate incidents.

The first incident occurred on June 19, when Waunakee Police stopped Tyler J. Peterson, age 25, of Sun Prairie after observing a parked vehicle on S. Division St. The license plate check revealed the plates had been suspended for unpaid parking tickets.

The Waunakee officer spoke to defendant, ran a driver’s license status and learned the license was currently suspended, according to the criminal complaint. The defendant was also on probation with restrictions preventing him from possessing drug paraphernalia or a controlled substance without a prescription.

The officer requested a K9 unit, and the K9 conducted a sniff of the vehicle which indicated a positive alert.

A search of the vehicle revealed a cylinder tin cap “cooker” often used in the process of injecting drugs into a person’s bloodstream, according to the criminal complaint. Peterson told police that “somebody stored” Molly, the slang term for MDMA or ecstasy, under the passenger’s seat, the complaint states. The search also produced a bag of MDMA and psilocybin mushrooms – enough of each to be consistent with selling or distributing, according to the criminal complaint.

According to criminal complaint, the defendant claimed it was the only time he tried to sell drugs.

Police weighed the bags, which amounted to 39.8 grams of what they believed where Psilocybin mushrooms and 40.3 grams of MDMA.

Testing of the MDMA confirmed a positive reaction for the presence of methamphetamine. Testing also confirmed the mushrooms were believed to contain psilocybin.

Peterson is charged with possession with intent to deliver MDMA; if convicted, he faces a fine up to $100,000 and imprisoned for no more than 25 years. The court may also suspend driving privileges for up to five years.

The second incident occurred on Oct. 2, when a Waunakee police officer was stopped on S. Division Street. According to the criminal complaint, at the time, barricades stating “Road Closed” were placed to block off the roadway. The officer saw a man later identified as Gilmar J. Peralta, age 22, of Madison exit his vehicle, move the barricade, and proceed to drive through.

The officer stopped Peralta, and as he spoke to him, the officer smelled a faint odor of marijuana emitting from the vehicle and observed small green flakes in a black ashtray the officer believed to be marijuana residue, the complaint states. The officer also observed a small tied plastic bag sticking out of one of the cupholders. Asked if the car had marijuana in the vehicle, Peralta confirmed there was and said he had about 14 grams. In addition, Peralta told the officer he had a gun, which he had a concealed carry permit for, the criminal complaint states.

A search of the vehicle revealed a 9 mm Taurus G2C gun and a large amount of small gem bags with “4:20” written on the outside of them.

The officer also located a plastic bag containing 2.8 grams of marijuana, two THC vaporizer batteries, two THC vaporizer cartridges containing a brown liquid, and other paraphernalia.

The officer searched a small red zippered bag containing other bags containing marijuana that weighed 16.6 grams. The total weight of all marijuana was 21.4 grams.

In another bag, the officer located a small piece of folded wax paper containing 2.1 grams of THC wax. He also located a small pouch containing $290 in currency.

Testing of the suspected marijuana and wax substance both revealed the presence of THC.

Peralta is charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, a felony. If convicted, he could be fined up to $10,000 or three and half years in prison and lose his driving privileges for up to five years.

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