Audrey Edmunds

Audrey Edmunds visited Waunakee after the publication of "It Happened to Audrey," which told the story of her conviction, jail time and experience with the Innocence Project. She was exonerated of the crime after serving 11 years in prison.

A former Waunakee resident has a little in common with Steven Avery, the subject of a widely publicized, provocative documentary on Netflix, “Making a Murderer.”

Audrey Edmunds was accused in October 1995 of causing the death of an infant she was caring for in her Waunakee home. She published a book in 2012 titled “It Happened to Audrey” about her experience with the criminal justice system and jail time.

Edmunds spent 11 years of an 18-year sentence in prison before the Innocence Project, which also helped clear Avery of a rape indictment, took on her case. As in the Avery rape case, Edmunds was exonerated and released.

Edmunds now lives in Grantsburg, Wisconsin, and said she is overwhelmed with the buzz surrounding the Avery case after viewing “Making a Murderer.”

“I have a lot of questions regarding the so-called evidence the prosecution claims they have – no blood in Avery's bedroom, for one,” Edmunds said. “But the corralling of the nephew, the mental hounding to get a coerced confession from a child is appalling.”

Edmunds added, “I know what it's like in prison, what it's doing to that young man.”

Edmunds also commented on Avery's guilt or innocence.

“Why would Avery do this? No motive. Truly, anybody could have done this. I feel heart heavy for the Halbach family, as they're trusting the legal experts and the judge to act intelligently and find the truth while they're ignoring what is presented by the defense, Dean Strang, who is showing great insight," Edmunds said.

She said her book was meant to reflect such treatment by the justice system.

“This is what I meant by my book title. It happened to me. It could happen to anybody; it's very possible it happened to Avery twice,” Edmunds said. “I struggle deeply with wrong convictions.”

Edmunds was traveling on Jan. 7 to visit one of her daughters when the Tribune caught up with her.

"I am still feeling extremely grateful to have been restored. Every day is a blessing," she said. “I am a single woman, no longer engaged, and work at the Burnett Dairy in Grantsburg – how wonderful.”

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