Scott Mooney at Milio’s is giving back to the Waunakee community and making an impact! Scott was inspired during the pandemic and felt a need to give back, especially after the outpouring of love and support he received himself.

Recently during a brainstorming session, Scott, Sarah Mooney from the Silk Purse and Ashley Boyd from Hello Gorgeous were discussing ways they could give back to the Waunakee community.

Well, during that brainstorm session a sandwich was born!

They wanted a way to give back to the organizations that gave so much to them and other local businesses and families during the worst of the pandemic.

As a result, this summer 2021, post-pandemic, Milio’s will offer a specialty sandwich, The Cuban, that will be offered specifically to raise fund, with $1.50 per sandwich going directly to those in need.

Scott has learned during the pandemic that when times are tough, people have to stick together, just like on the race track, where Scott spends most of his free time in the summer months. Life is hard, just like the sport of racing, but having a fellow brother’s back can make all the difference in the world.

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