Perhaps now more than ever, gardening is the one activity that will sustain many not only nutritionally, but emotionally. Thankfully, many garden stores will be open for curbside pickup though calling in orders and picking up the plants unseen will be strange.

At our house, we have planted tomato and broccoli seeds indoors, and the sprouts emerging through the soil bring hope that at least the natural order of life hasn’t altered. Now it’s up to us to keep those tiny sprouts alive as they sit by the window.

We purchased other seeds to plant in the garden in May, too, once the soil warms up – zucchini, cucumbers, lettuce, radishes and butternut squash. So hopefully, we’ll have a bountiful harvest. I so love the giant orange blossoms on the zucchini vines that a few years ago, I photographed one, and the picture hangs in my kitchen.

Likely this year, we’ll have plenty of time for weeding our gardens. Campgrounds and state parks will probably remain closed for the next few months, unless miraculously, some sort of vaccine is found for the Novel 1 coronavirus. We can only hope for that to happen, but from my understanding, it will take time. So unless a swarm of locusts swoops in to eat our crops, it should be a good year for those beds with time to care for them.

My guess is by then, after so many months of staying inside, we’ll even converse with our plants. If they start talking back, we may have cause for concern.

I always love seeing all the different blossoms. One year, when we grew potatoes, as well, I thought about photographing all the different blooms on the plants but never got around to it.

Those who don’t have space for a garden can still raise tomatoes, peppers and other plants in pots on a patio or balcony, provided enough sun reaches those areas. Growing fruit and vegetables can return a sense of normalcy during this eerie time and help ensure we are fed. And you can also talk to those plants when no one else is around to talk to.

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