During this time of social distancing, like many, we have been watching movies and Netflix series just to take a break from news.

One series is a murder mystery from Iceland called, “The Valhalla Murders,” and most striking as I watch this and others, is the social interaction among the characters.

We’ve been social distancing in the United States for just over a couple weeks now, but perhaps because I’ve read and heard so much about how vital it is to remaining healthy, scenes of characters drinking from the same glass or hugging are alarming.

Life can change so quickly. Just a couple weeks ago, I hugged a friend and shook hands with several people at a meeting. Now all meetings are canceled; we speak to loved ones only by phone. The closest thing to a hug is a wave from 6 feet away.

Many of us are also spending more time on social media in an effort to stay connected. Some of the comments are funny, and we need a little levity to confront the dire news we’ve been hearing.

One of the funniest I saw said something like this:

“It’s April 2, 2058, and a significant day for George. He is about to open the last roll of toilet paper his parents had purchased during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.”

Other clever comments have introduced a new drink, the “quarantini,” and predicted a baby boom would produce a new generation of “quaranteens.”

Any type of social connection right now is uplifting. Over the weekend, I went grocery shopping, and as I’ve done since the outbreak, I used hand sanitizer before entering the store and again after exiting. In the parking lot, after I was done applying and about to back out of my stall, I saw an older gentleman waving at me from his car. He rubbed his hands together as I had done while sanitizing, then gave me a thumbs up. That moment made my day.

This may be just the time to wave and smile at people from a distance and for all of us to remember that although we must remain physically apart, we are together in spirit, and we have solidarity in our solitary lives.

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