Leaders throughout Waunakee are now beginning to plan for a big birthday celebration – the village’s 150th year.

The planning is in the nascent stages, with early discussions about what activities at events, such as WaunaBoom, WaunaFest and Wauktoberfest, can highlight the occasion. That could evolve into a historic look for the WaunaFest parade, a cake-baking contest, commemorative coins or other items, and, well, the possibilities are endless.

Here at the Tribune, we’ll help inform readers of all of these and include stories that illuminate the village’s history.

Last week, the Create Waunakee committee convened a Zoom meeting with representatives from several service organizations who will plan these events. The Create Waunakee committee, which grew out of the Village of Waunakee’s Creative Economy Initiative, will help these groups coordinate their planning and provide a central website for details about all of the various celebrations.

During my first year at the Tribune, the village was planning for its 125th year, the quasquicentennial. A a number of service organizations planned events culminating with WaunaFest. Perhaps my fondest memory was working with Virginia Adler, who had helped with the commemorative cookbook. Virginia and several other women baked up treats from the book and invited the Tribune staff over for a tasting party. My most visceral memories always involve food, somehow.

Now, as we embark on Waunakee’s sesquicentennial a quarter century later, the village has grown, and so has the number of festivals and events where community members come together. So likely, each will incorporate ways to mark Waunakee’s 150{sup}th{/sup} year.

Big birthday milestones often invite us to remember our beginnings, our current identities and our visions for the future. We think of what got us to the present day and what lies ahead. During this milestone for Waunakee, we might want to celebrate the village’s past, present and future, as well.

If you have ideas, now is the time to contribute them. You can email Kylie West, the village administrator assistant, at kwest@waunakee.com. She’s also part of the Create Waunakee Committee and can help coordinate ideas.

Also, if you have family who has lived in Waunakee for many years, we at the Tribune would like to talk to them about some of their earliest recollections from a different era in Waunakee. Through others’ memories during a time gone by, we can imagine this village’s past. As the village has evolved, we can begin to envision its future, as well.

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