What a difference a day makes.

Up until a couple of weeks ago, my professional life has revolved around Tuesdays. Over the past 28 years, Tuesday has been the deadline day for the upcoming Thursday publication, allowing a day for the newspaper to be printed and delivered to the Post Office on Wednesday for delivery to subscribers on Thursday.

A few weeks ago, that all changed. Adams Publishing Group’s printing press in Janesville found that with numerous weeklies owned by APG and other with printing contracts all wanting the same time, the logjam could be relieved by changing the publication dates for the Waunakee Tribune and three of its other newspapers to Friday. Of the APG papers, those located in Waunakee are the farthest from the plant, and so they were chosen for the Friday publication date.

Now Tuesdays have taken on a whole new, lighter aura. Unless a holiday moves up the schedule, I can be available to take a picture or conduct an interview on a Tuesday. Election results can be included in the print editions rather than just online.

We tried to get the word out to our readers with ads and an upbeat editorial from our group editor. But many who have looked forward to seeing their local newspaper delivered on Thursday were still surprised when it didn’t show up. One caller asked if we were still publishing the paper. I was happy to say we certainly are.

As much as time is just a human construct, our lives revolve around it, and as Daylight Savings Time demonstrates, the slightest disruption shakes us up. We gained an hour this past weekend, so the sun now rises and sets a little earlier, temporarily throwing us off balance. That extra hour of sleep in the fall feels delightful after Daylight Savings Time ends. So does that extra hour of daylight in the evenings when it begins.

What a difference an hour makes.

Thankfully, we’re adaptable, so eventually our circadian rhythms acclimate as we settle into the winter solstice, when the days are shortest. That’s a good time of year to read newspapers. Just remember, the Waunakee Tribune will be delivered Friday.

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