Memorial Day surely was uneventful for me and many others this year.

Instead of attending the American Legion Post 360’s ceremony to take pictures and honor veterans who had sacrificed their lives for this country, I stopped by the Legion Hall to snap a few photos of the members serving hotdogs in a drive by setting. I missed the speeches reminding all of us to be responsible citizens who contribute to this nation and our society.

Unlike other Memorial Day weekends, we had no large gatherings with friends as we had in the past, particularly with those celebrating birthdays. One walk through Gov. Nelson State Park with a friend, both of us in masks, was one highlight.

Another was a social distance visit with another couple who are dear friends. We sat outside in our yard; we shared no food, only conversation from much farther than 6 feet away from one another.

Meanwhile, news stations captured pictures of crowds at water parks throughout the country. One showed a crowded street in downtown Lake Geneva. People are aching for the social activity that gives them energy and life.

Practicing social distancing is harder than many of us thought. I cover meetings on Zoom, and recently had a Zoom reunion with several cousins and their spouses. I realized one day, after working for eight hours and spending another two watching a Zoom meeting, I’d clocked 10 hours of screen time, all in one day. You miss people’s expressions this way; you miss the human interaction as people look at one another.

But on Memorial Day, I remembered that many before me had made much greater sacrifices for their country. Some soldiers lost their lives; others lost their limbs. And some still struggle with post-traumatic stress after their service. All I’m being asked to do is to stay home, avoid crowds and wear a mask if I do venture out to a store.

So I think I can make this pretty simple sacrifice to keep others out of harm’s away. It’s the least I can do.

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