School board, district needs to be put back on track

According to School Board Policy series 800, it is the job of the School Board to “realize that the schools belong to the people and that it is the people whom they are created to serve. It, therefore, intends that all reasonable efforts should be exerted to identify the desires of the community and to be responsive through its actions, to those desires”.

The Administration, made up of individuals hired for their skills in education, leadership and the integral parts of running a school district, is employed by the community to find the best way to enact the community’s desires. It is the job of the school board to act as a liaison between the community and these Administrators in this process.

David Boetcher, as President of the Board of Education, has repeatedly failed to acknowledge, discuss, respond to or represent the concerns of students, parents, coaches, and other community members. Under David’s leadership, the Board of Education has diminished the role of our Administrators by taking over the control of the decision making and planning that they were trained and hired to do. David continues to abuse the power of his position by telling the community what they will get and the Administration how to implement it.

Combined with his continued engagement in a private Facebook page, administered by the Vice President of the Board, this has created great division and distrust within our community. Their comments, sometimes framed with the disclaimer that they speak as individuals, often infer that they speak with some authority. The comments are opinionated, condescending, political, divisive and reckless.

We believe the community can speak for itself in a vote to Recall David Boetcher and begin putting our school board, and school district, back on track.

To sign Recall Petition, see our Website: or

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Site not right for apartment


As I view the proposed four-story apartments just west of McDonald’s, I see some problems. The area is too small for the all parking that will show up. Also, to create a huge traffic problem there — not another set of lights?

The biggest problem is there is just too much in the water table. We already have too many homes with sump pumps in motion 24 hours a day. Not another TIF? Just not the right place.

Sil Maly

The views expressed are not my family’s

Last week on the opinion page, I gave my thoughts on patriotism. These thoughts were only mine and not necessarily of my family members.

My grandson received a text accusing his grandfather of being a racist and an elitist. I am thankful my parents are now deceased because the shock of a Cleary being called an elitist, would have killed them on the spot.

I had four brothers-in-law, each of different ethnic backgrounds, now all deceased. I loved and respected every one of them. I have a Hispanic/Latino son-in-law and Asian granddaughters that are a great blessing to our family. I had several African American/Black friends, but unfortunately they are now deceased because they were all my age. But, you can check with Melvin, the cocktail engineer at Ripp’s Bar & Cocktail Lounge, to see if he regards me as a racist.

I would appreciate any comments be directed to me rather than to other family members. May God Bless you!

Bernie (Cleary) the Barber, retired.

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