Kaufmann will work hard for the village

Sam Kaufmann and I were on the Citizen Task Force studying housing resources and needs in Waunakee. He represented students and I represented the senior citizens. I was impressed with his understanding of the housing needs of different segments of our population. He was a very active participant in our group study sessions working to find solutions to the housing gaps that we have in our community. He used the knowledge we gained from information shared by experts from U.W. Extension to make some good assessments and recommendations that were included in the final recommendations to the village board. He had an ability to communicate and collaborate with other committee members. I was impressed by his hard work, ability to analyze complex problems and enthusiastic participation.

The knowledge, experience and enthusiasm demonstrated on the housing task force make Sam a good candidate for the Village board. Sam has been in regular attendance at many board and committee meetings for the past couple of years so he has very up to date knowledge of issues being discussed at those meetings. I know Sam Kaufmann will continue to work very hard for Waunakee’s future.

Mary Ellen Kearney

Ensure older adults have access to COVID vaccine

I just read the Letter from the Editor in the Feb. 4 edition (“Elderly, those without internet access, left out of COVID vaccine programs”), regarding those left out of COVID vaccine programs. Thank you for bringing this to the eye of the public.

I am 75 years old. Luckily I have access to internet. I also own a car and can am able to drive myself to the clinic where I am scheduled to receive the COVID vaccine in a couple of weeks.

However, I know that many of the senior residents in this area do not have internet access. Also many no longer own a car. Some do not have family living in the area.

Something must be done to help these senior citizens get the vaccinations they deserve.

Sherry Savola

Closing coal power plant a mistake

The future closing of Wisconsin’s largest coal-fired power plant is a huge mistake.

The Columbia Energy Center near Portage produces 1,100 megawatts of electricity which is enough to power the needs of 225,000 homes.

The generators use low sulfur coal from Wyoming and employs Clean Coal Technology to minimize emissions. The loss of the Energy Center will supposedly be replaced by clean energy; solar & wind. Unfortunately, to produce 1,100 megawatts, hundreds of windmills and an equal number of solar panel land acres will be needed at a cost far exceeding Columbia’s operation.

The extreme environmentalists fail to explain the damage to wildlife and the impact of removing valuable farmland. Take a walk under a windmill but be careful not to stumble over dead birds and bats killed by the spinning blades. And if you like fishing in the Energy Center’s cooling pond, better enjoy the remaining years.

Also, if you can stand the constant, “whomp....whomp”, of the blades, live within a quarter mile of a windmill.

Lastly, if anyone thinks their electric bill is high now, wait until coal and nuclear power plants are history.

Dick Greffin

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