A good dentist and a good man

The recent article about Dr. Karls brought a pleasant memory of Doctor Stan.

I had moved to Waunakee a few years before when I needed to see a dentist. I decided to try Dr. Karls. I was impressed with how gentle he was and he did good work on my teeth. After he finished working on my teeth, I told him that I had a “bunch” of kids and they should really have their teeth checked but, because for some reason more kids kept arriving, I really couldn’t afford it. In a very stern voice Dr. Karls said “you bring those kids in.” We will worry about the payments later. About eight years later, my bill was paid in full.

Another instance that tells what kind of person Dr Stan was happened one Christmas eve. One of my sons got a very painful toothache about 7 p.m. and I called Dr. Stan. I apologized for calling on Christmas eve and he said I’ll be in my office in five minutes. He was, and my son had a painless Christmas.

Thanks Stan. You are a good dentist and a good man.

Clem Schwartz

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