Frye will serve all residents

As most readers know by now, I ran a campaign for a village trustee seat last year. I understand the effort, knowledge, research, and dedication required to do so. I can tell you that if the people of Waunakee elect Nila Frye as a village trustee on April 7, you will be supporting an individual who will work tirelessly for the best interests of ALL Waunakee residents. Since moving to the village in the fall of 1977, Nila has served on 10 different village committees under five different village presidents. In addition, Nila spent time on two different school board committees as well, including one involving a high school expansion referendum. Nila was also invited to help cut the ribbon for the opening of the Village Center in 2006.

She has been the spouse of a Waunakee EMT since the early 1990s, as well as an Emergency Services Citizens Academy graduate, so she has a deep understanding of emergency service needs and operations. Furthermore, she and her husband Vaughn led the EMS volunteer monument project from first conception to completion.

Nila and her husband have raised four children in the community for their entire lives and volunteered for over 20 years with Waunakee Wrestlebackers, high school wrestling booster club.

Nila has a long resume of valuable service to our community and Waunakee would not be the village it is without her decades of contributions. By voting for Nila, you will be supporting an individual who will only continue to make our community stronger as a member of the Village Board.


Mary Heimbecker

Support for Robert McPherson

I met Robert McPherson while serving for a year on the village’s Housing Task Force. He was one of the more engaged members of the group and always read meeting packets and did outside research if needed. I was impressed with his knowledge and dedication to achieving the end goal of the task force. The information and research he brought to the table was instrumental in the creation of our final report to the village Plan Commission. Robert has much to offer the village. He has worked in a variety of financial positions, including IT Contractor, manager for a small business, mortgage operations support, fair lending, quality control, mortgage compliance, and is currently employed as a vice president of risk management for a bank. Robert is a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM), indicating his understanding of servicing and management of others. In addition, he is skilled in software and technology and has done a number of projects to improve workflow and efficiency.

Robert is an extremely driven person, pushing himself to graduate from the University of Tampa with an economics/political science degree in only three years. As a village trustee, he will bring this kind of motivation to the job by doing his “homework” and asking insightful questions. He’s lived in a variety of different places, including Tampa-St. Petersburg, rural Maryland, the DC metro, and the city of Madison. He’s seen what works and what doesn’t work elsewhere, and can bring that knowledge to the table. Robert wants to increase transparency in Waunakee’s government, which has been severely lacking far too often recently, as well as advocating for seeking and allowing for more citizen engagement. He is committed to meeting with citizens and taking action on their concerns. Please give him your vote on April 7.

Sam Kaufmann

Waunakee High School student

Frye will ask tough questions

Nila Frye is a candidate for the Village Board of Trustees in the upcoming April election. Frankly, I was not aware of her entire background until recently. Nila has volunteered for, and been appointed to various village committees for over 42 years. She has been working for the betterment of Waunakee and its residents since Jimmy Carter was President.

She has served under five village presidents. She was part of the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Village Center in 2006 and participated in countless other Waunakee activities and organizations.

At so many public meetings and forums I’ve attended, and in letters to the Tribune, she asks elected officials tough questions seeking information why a particular policy is being pursued, or why an issue isn’t being fully explored or vetted. She asks questions that most of us want our administration to answer, but sadly, are not. Officials and village staff far too often respond with deflections, half responses, tap dancing or spin. Additionally, far too much of the village’s business seems to be conducted in closed session, keeping much of the board’s work, dealings and negotiations hidden from the public.

Two years ago, I voted for two new candidates for the board, hoping they would be independent voices, and offer different perspectives to what the administration is constantly pushing. They were elected. But ultimately, they embraced the administration’s agenda of constant development. That, of course, is their absolute right, to side – and vote – with whichever point of view they wish. But, in my opinion, they were not as advertised.

For years, Nila Frye has been fighting against the board cutting corners, changing ordinances, some after the fact, their keeping citizen input to a minimum, and generally acting as if they represent one constituency: developers, instead of regular citizens. But I’m not a developer. I’m a resident and taxpayer. I’m not against development. It’s going to happen. But it should be responsible development, guided by the Comprehensive Plan and our (unchanged) ordinances.

I want someone to represent us, to actively solicit our opinions and views, listen carefully to our concerns, and then make an informed decision. We haven’t had much of that recently.

Please consider voting for Nila Frye for Trustee. She has as much experience, commitment to Waunakee, and a desire to do what’s right for ALL OF US in Waunakee as anybody who has ever served on that board.

Richard Sarabia

Frye is qualified

There are five candidates running for the three positions open on the Waunakee Village Board. I am only sure of voting for one. That person has qualified herself by serving for decades on various village committees and commissions. She is thus very much aware of local issues and of how government works. In talking to her, I find she is much aware of the growth issues always present in Waunakee as a Madison suburb. Surprisingly, she also is interested in citizens and how our neighborhoods are working and how the spirit of people fares within the tensions of a fast growing community. Come April 7, I will be glad to vote for Nila Frye for village board

James P. Koltes

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