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I am very excited to hear of Sam Kaufman running for Village Board. I could not imagine a better candidate and advocate for our village.

I had the pleasure of working with Sam this summer on his “Clear the Creek” project. I was blown away by what he is capable of accomplishing. He has the ability to see things how they should be rather than how they currently are, but what makes Sam truly unique is his eagerness and ability to make his vision a reality.

Sam truly wants to improve our community and has the drive and skills to get it done! Sam will be getting my vote for on April 6. I encourage all who read this to get out and elect Sam Kaufmann for Village Board!

Dave Broadfoot

Nothing for something

The Village of Waunakee wants to give away $300,000/acre land for no good reason. It’s your tax dollars…you decide.

A landowner in the Town of Westport has a severe flooding problem. The bottom area of his property routinely floods. He sold a portion of the problem to Dane County’s Conservancy program and now wants to sell the rest to Waunakee.

Waunakee wants to build out its walk/bike path network. Fine. But the 12-foot by approximately 3000-foot parcel this owner might make available comes with a steep price. In addition to the Village supplying an expensive engineering study to solve the flooding issue, the owner wants to “swap” a parcel of land owned by Waunakee. Not just any parcel, mind you, but one that the Village already owns to serve you. (The obvious desired parcel is quite valuable.)

What’s the value of one acre of flood plain (swampland) vs. developable land in Waunakee? That’s easy. The floodplain is nearly zero and the development land $300,000 per acre. And that $300K doesn’t include the minimum $500,000 that it would take to “improve” the path.

The problem with this scenario is that there are alternatives that exist to this particular site that do not cost us at least $800,000. The Village already owns several access points to the Castle Creek Conservancy. No land swap, no loss of value, problem solved for a lot less money.

So, why is this sweetheart deal even being considered? It seems that whenever Westport wants something from Waunakee, Waunakee winds up paying for it. (Maybe this Village Engineer working for both Waunakee and Westport is a bad idea.)

Enough! When the School Board wants to exceed its spending by this amount, it is required to go to referendum. This little boondoggle should require voter approval by referendum because it reeks of cronyism. I am tired of the Village’s bad decisions, like poor judgment on TIF districts that cost us $390,000 in legal settlements with a Westport developer just last April, that are just too costly.

Waunakee gets nothing for something when Westport is involved and that may be the reason that the Waunakee line on your tax bill is the only one going up. I hope you remember this as you vote on April 6.

Eric Sullivan

We need to work together

In Waunakee, we are fortunate to have many people working the polls, despite Covid-19 possibly putting many of them at risk, even with the precautions village staff made to make voting as safe as possible. I know the election was handled by honest, ethical, moral, hardworking people — my neighbors. How can anyone think our elections weren’t above board?

When I hear on national television that a poll (I didn’t catch what poll) states 73% of Republicans polled said they think Donald Trump won the election, my heart hurts for those who worked during a very difficult time to hold the election and make sure ballots got counted.

I’m not out and about socializing, due to COVID-19, to hear what people think. I hope Waunakee is rising above the numbers in national polls in what they think pertaining to the election and realize Waunakee, Wisconsin, and the nation had a fair election.

Now, we need to work together, listen to each other and find a way to make our country stronger and better. Yes, there is much work to be done. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work to get it done.


Nila Frye

Thoughts following Jan. 6

VOTER FRAUD — There is no evidence of voter fraud. Over 60 lawsuits found no fraud, and even Trump’s attorney general said there is no fraud. Look at facts and the experts. You can’t lie in a court of law without facing perjury charges. I trust the courts.

VOTING TO NOT CERTIFY THE ELECTION- This is the first time in our history that a large group of lawmakers voted to not certify a legal election. A peaceful transfer of power has always occurred. Democrats didn’t like when Trump was elected, but they wore pink hats instead of attempting a violent coup.

Wisconsin Republicans who voted to not certify Wisconsin’s result — They didn’t want to throw out just Democratic votes, but ALL Wisconsin votes. I trust the poll workers. Throwing out all of our votes is the opposite of democracy.

CENSORSHIP- Trump and others have been kicked off a variety of social media platforms for claiming election fraud with no proof. That isn’t censorship. Example: Biff writes a letter to the editor saying the earth is flat. The editor knows it isn’t true and doesn’t publish it. His free speech rights were not abridged. He has been denied a platform for his views, but can continue claiming the earth is flat.NEWS SOURCES – Where we get our news from shapes our views. There is a journalistic code of ethics. The mainstream media such as the New York Times, Washington Post, NPR and Wall Street Journal abide by it. That code requires verified sources. YouTube and twitter posts are not verified journalism.

MEDIA BIAS CHART- This chart rates the reliability and biases of major news sources. I get most of my news from those in the middle of the chart. https://www.adfontesmedia.com/

FIXING THE GREAT DIVIDE IN BELIEFS- Bring back the fairness doctrine. That Federal Communications Commission policy required public broadcasters to base their stories on fact and to present both sides of a question. It was ended in 1987 and it applied to radio and TV. There would be some modifications needed to make it applicable to social media, but the age of misinformation led us to the assault on our democracy on Jan. 6.

LOVE OF COUNTRY- We all love the United States. Let’s work to preserve our democracy.

Linda Ashmore

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