Hockey Fights Cancer was a big success

Every year I am humbled by the level of involvement and unselfishness that exists in our community to help a cause that many are not affected by. While the numbers of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer are small in comparison to other cancers (57,000 in 2019) the numbers that die from it are high (46,000 in 2109). This makes pancreatic cancer the third leading cause of cancer deaths, and in 2020 it is expected to climb to the second. But the Waunakee Warrior Hockey team continues to make one of the biggest assists in the fight against pancreatic cancer – funding and education!

This is the eighth year the team and booster club have joined with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network as part of the NHL’s Hockey Fights Cancer initiative to bring awareness and much needed funding in the fight against this horrible disease. This year many new things were added to the event and the success was evident. More attendees, more involvement, more fun, and more dollars raised!

You will never know how much your support means to someone that is fighting this disease or to the family members who have lost someone. Please know that your efforts are not unnoticed. From the media that support this event and team, to the parents that made all the delicious baked goods, to the booster club who collected and beautifully displayed the raffle baskets, to the sponsor and matching donors, to the coaches and the entire hockey teams, thank you! Your efforts raised over $4,000 to help us #DEMANDBETTER for patients.

The Madison Affiliate of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, all pancreatic cancer patients, families and survivors appreciates your support in the fight and helping us to wage hope for others.

Tammy Andries

Who are Los Soñadores?

Who are Los Soñadores, the Dreamers, at Waunakee High School? They are Latinx students who are part of the fabric of our community. They are actors, musicians, athletes, honor students, artists, writers, cheerleaders, engineers, local employees; students from a variety of backgrounds on a path to graduation with a focus on achieving their post-high school goals. They’ve ventured into the community for first-hand knowledge about career opportunities. MATC, Edgewood College, and the UW Colleges recruit our students while businesses and organizations such as La Movida Radio and El Centro Hispano highlight the diverse job opportunities available for bilingual employees. Our WHS Soñadores graduates receive college scholarships which recognize their academic, extra-curricular and community service achievements. Our Soñadores are hardworking students, learning to navigate life, and this Club provides them a support network and a sense of community.

As advisors to the Soñadores Club, we are proud of the leadership skills students learn from their work mentoring elementary and middle school students, collaborating with local organizations and clubs, writing outreach grants, and most importantly, the work they are doing to find, and act upon, their voice. Our WCSD classrooms welcome Soñadores of all ages, and teachers and administration work hard to provide them the encouragement needed to succeed. The motto of Los Soñadores is No Dreamer is too Little and No Dream is too Big. Rest assured, the Soñadores will continue to represent our school community in a positive light and they value the supportive environment our schools provide for them to develop and follow their dreams.

Monique Mobley, on behalf of the WHS Soñadores Club Advisors

Political impeachment

Nancy Polosi said that she wanted to impeach Donald Trump as soon as he was elected. Now let’s compare the accomplishments of these two.

The president’s first duty is to protect this nation, which he is doing by building a wall on our border. Every other nation in the world now has that protection. Other nations are realizing that we have a president that has a backbone, and when he draws a red line, he will not cross it.

Trump campaigned on ripping up trade deals with other countries, which he has done. One of those deals will be a big boon for our farmers.

Our economy is surging. Wall Street has just moved to more record highs. Check your 401ks and retirement accounts and you will see that Wall Street is not the only beneficiary.

Faith organizations have Trump’s backing in protecting religious freedom, which gives students the right to pray in public schools.

As president, Trump has the right to speak with other world leaders and decide if our taxpayer money should be issued until he is confident that it is not going to a corrupt government. In this case, the funds to Ukraine were only withheld for a short period of time.

So, Nancy Polosi, what have you and your Democratic party accomplished in the past three years besides trying to destroy a president that, in spite of your attacks, manages to lead this great nation?

Astrid Faust

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