Strive to be noble

I have recently been taking time daily to read inspirational quotes. This morning (Jan. 12), I read something that sums up, for me, why we are in such dire straits in our country these days. They are the words of Fulton J. Sheen, an American bishop known for his preaching: “We become like that which we love. If we love what is base, we become base; but if we love what is noble, we become noble.”

These past several years, we have been hearing a great deal in the press about a politician’s “base”. This quote emphasizes for me that the “base” is as low as you can go. Let’s strive to be noble – to love what is noble. If you are a member of the press, do not emphasize what is “base”, but choose your words carefully to emphasize what is noble. If you are a politician, don’t work on building a “base”, but work for the loftier goal of gaining “supporters”. For everyone, love what is noble; be noble and act on it.

Maria Patt,


Vote for Nila Frye

I was born in Westport Township over 81 years ago and attended Waunakee Public Schools. I lived away from Waunakee for only 18 months after I married, and my husband and I bought our first and only house in Waunakee where we raised our family and I still live.

I have known Nila Frye for around 35 years. We met when she and her husband came to Waunakee EMS for our free CPR classes we offered the community. Nila has a child care business she runs out of her home and has kept up her CPR, and arranged classes for other child care providers over the years. She is involved in learning, and helping others learn. She comes from a small community and has always been a vital member of our community. She is involved with local government, and aware of state, and national government also, and how it affects our community.

Her volunteered contributions have benefited the Waunakee High School Wrestling program, she worked on a committee to get a pool for Waunakee years ago, cooked meals for the EMS training meetings, and worked hard to get our new library that serves all of our community. She also served on Village Board committees. She has been a vital part of the village board over this past 18 months as a member.

Educating herself on the needs and issues of our community, she also reaches out for the residents’ opinions on what is brought up, and never has been afraid to voice her opinion and that of her constituents’, many times raising hard questions. She definitely deserves another term on our village board.


Helen R. McVicar

Support for Frye as board candidate

I support Nila Frye for Village Board. She has always been an active member of our community between raising her four sons here in our community, running a daycare for over 40 years, and the numerous positions she has held in village committees as well as being on village board.

Nila truly cares about everyone within our community. If she is not knowledgeable about a specific topic, she takes the time to learn as much as she can. I have witnessed her dedication firsthand. I reached out to the village regarding future road construction on my street. I wanted to ensure that the village was aware that I have two disabled sons in wheelchairs to make sure that my sons have access to our home during the construction.

When I did not receive a response, I forwarded my concerns to her and received a response that same day. She has also followed up with me as the project nears its start to check in and make sure that any questions or concerns I may have are addressed. This is just one example of many I could give showing the dedication she has to her position as well as to our community.

She is very thorough and asks valid and pertinent questions with regards to plans for the village. She understands the need for growth while also understanding the need for equity within our community. She works hard to ensure that Waunakee is open and inviting to all people regardless of their economic status, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. I believe she is a vital member of our village board and should be reelected.

Please vote for Nila Frye on April 5.

Candace Miller

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