Re-elect Joan Ensign to the Waunakee School Board

Please join me and vote to re-elect Joan Ensign for the Waunakee Community School Board. Joan has spent her entire exceptional professional life dedicated to education, to our students and to our community.

I have served with Joan on the School Board for five years. You won’t find a more dedicated person to the best interests of all of our students and the community. Joan is a lifetime resident of Waunakee who cares passionately for her community. Joan taught in our school district for 33 years, has served on the board for nine years, and she and her husband Tom ran a landscaping business in Waunakee for many years. Joan is known throughout the community as a caring and dedicated leader.

As a board member, Joan puts student achievement and meeting the needs of all students as her top priority. Whether it’s curriculum development, facilities enhancement, program development, resource acquisition, or professional growth for staff, Joan works to provide the necessary resources our students need to achieve their best.

Through her teaching career and now as a board member, Joan is passionate about student equity; all students matter to Joan. As a former Waunakee High School math teacher, Joan has a vast understanding of the ever-changing educational enterprise and a great appreciation and understanding of the professional skills of all the District staff. Joan has worked tirelessly to maintain and expand on the excellence for which the Waunakee Community School District is known.

Joan is a great listener and problem solver. She is a tireless and responsive advocate for all the voices in our community. She understands that our community needs to work together to help our district continue to be one of the best in the state. Those of you who have reached out to the school board with concerns, know and trust that Joan will listen and work for a solution.

On April 7, please vote and join me in re-electing Joan Ensign to the Waunakee Community School Board.

Mark Hetzel

Retired teacher from WHS and current member of the WCSD BOE

Vote for McPherson

Our Village election is only a few days away. Waunakee is at a critical stage. Our growth is about to accelerate even more than it has in the past several years. Ongoing development - especially large scale projects - will continue.

It seems like everytime we turn around, there's another TIF proposal for Waunakee. Developers aren't stupid. They all know that to get a majority of our Board to look favorably on their particular proposal, all they have to do is claim that "without TIF financing, they can't build their project." That mantra was shown to be nonsense during the recent competition between two competing food stores trying to get a project approved for Highway Q.

Store #1 insisted that it needed a TIF to build. Competing store #2 said it DIDN'T need a TIF to build. Suddenly, Store #1 drops its "need" for a TIF. Both stores know that Waunakee is exploding. Neither one needs a TIF because it makes good financial sense to build a new store in a fast growing town. No TIF needed.

Our exploding national Coronavirus nightmare will undoubtedly speed up the oncoming recession. With all that going on, we need someone on the Village Board who has actual real world experience with bank financing, analysis of development proposal numbers, and holding developers accountable.

Robert McPherson is that person. He is a "money man," who can expertly analyze a proposal's numbers, and see whether or not a proposal really "needs" a TIF. At a forum before last year's election, an incumbent Trustee stated that the Village can't dictate to a developer what types of housing he can build if his project is approved. McPherson then correctly pointed out that the Village has every right to so dictate. His knowledge clarified a significant mistake in understanding what the Village can and cannot do in dealing with developers.

He understands TIFs and financing. His expertise would be invaluable in helping decide if Waunakee must provide a TIF for a project. Recently, too many of the Trustees have basically just been shills for developers, without the experience to accurately gauge the impact a TIF would have on the school budget, for example.

We need at least one trustee who truly understands how a proposed development will affect Waunakee and its taxpayers. Please vote for Robert McPherson.

Richard Sarabia

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