Through division, we will not survive

I am writing this letter with many mixed emotions. On April 20, I took my oath to be a Waunakee Village trustee. I am happy voters placed their hope in me to represent them. Now, I will roll up my sleeves, getting to work for the people.

This morning I read a letter on the Waunakee Tribune website pertaining to the intolerance of those in Waunakee “not fitting into the norms” of village life. It’s sad this day and age, hate and bigotry exist, in too many ways it has become a part of life, one group degrading others.

I will tell you, we are all in Waunakee, the state of Wisconsin and the United State together. If we are not united, we are divided. Through division we will not survive. Talk to a person who has been in the military. They will tell you one of the first things taught during basic training is “a takeover of the country will come from within.”

If we are not willing to learn from one another, grow together as a country and work to find solutions together, we are sunk. We need to work to find compromise between parties, love and appreciate our neighbors and stop hating.


Nila Frye

A sacrifice to protect nation’s health

To the Class of 2020: Amid the lost lives, jobs, and businesses, please know that your loss is not going unnoticed. Missing the culminating events of your senior year must be painful.

I’d thought of you before—along with those who have had to cancel weddings, baby showers, travel, and more. Now I’ve learned my high school class’s 50th reunion will be postponed a year.

It made me feel your disappointment even more acutely. We seniors (in the age sense) know we are the ones who are at risk. We know graduation festivities are a bigger sacrifice than a reunion. So I just wanted to let you know we appreciate it. When we gather next year, oddly to celebrate our 51st graduation anniversary, we’ll raise a glass you to and the others who sacrificed to protect the health of a nation—maybe even made it possible for some of us to survive to see that 51st anniversary. I hope to be around to read about your 10th or even 25th reunion, when people will applaud you again and marvel at what it must have been like to miss normal senior-year traditions because of a cursed virus.

Karen McKim, Class of ‘70

(Skyline High School, Idaho Falls, Idaho)

Take a stand

against racism

It came to my attention during the most recent Waunakee Village Board and School Board elections that anti-Semitic and racist hate mail was sent that targeted multiple candidates, in order to intimidate and demean them.

This behavior has no place in Waunakee; we live in the 21Century and this behavior must be called out and condemned to prevent its’ spread and preserve the public trust.

I was further dismayed that current Village Board members dismissed the seriousness of this behavior and failed to denounce racism and bigotry (And the notion that these deplorable tactics are being used in our community) when the issue was raised at a listening session on 4/14/20.

I am very disappointed by this reaction from public officials. It takes courage to fight injustice in our community and for the future of Waunakee. I learned in school from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Dr. King had the courage to fight injustice and hatred and he paid the ultimate price.

I do want to applaud Village Administrator Todd Schmidt for stating that bigotry and hatred have no place in Waunakee and for saying shame on the anonymous resident who wrote that hate mail.

I want to call on all Waunakee Village Board members and School District members to set the record straight, for our children, and immediately pass a resolution robustly denouncing racism and religious bigotry.

Peter Lewandowki

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