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Kudos to the WCSD-Taher Food Service program! During this unfamiliar season of life, it’s creative strategies and solutions that help us negotiate and navigate our way from one day to the next. The school district food service program gives our community and the surrounding area the opportunity to bring Chef Brian into our homes.

We’ve heard many of our youth talk about the tasty feature meals that they could purchase and eat during the school year, particularly those offered to students in grades 5-12. Yet, now all our community members and neighbors have the option of tapping in to meet their families needs with meals by Chef Brian. Placing orders is an organized process. Picking up meals is succinct, smooth and safe. Reading the menu options and scheduling the meal can be done online or through a phone call.

My elderly parents prefer to keep things simple and get help with meal planning and preparation. They like that they can order single portions or family meals and they like that there are foods from various countries and cultural inspirations and that they have two time frames to swing by the high school to have the meal placed in their vehicle.

Laura Sowinski

Thank goodness for Democracy

I was happy to see that Mike Brandt will not seek reelection on the Waunakee School Board. In his blog he posted “I am tired, have been verbally abused, working hundreds of hours of time away from my family, kids crying.” Welcome to the real-world Mike!

Most of us have to work in tough conditions everyday and just grind it out without complaining in order to receive sympathy. Rather than seek sympathy you should apologize to the Waunakee community for closing the high school and having no in-person anything. You and other school board members have caused harm to our children by forcing them to live under house arrest during the most important years of their high school careers. I’ll bet you go run errands out in public like the rest of us and physical distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, etc. and are doing just fine.

The science tells us that this is indeed safe to do yet you play the science card in a much more political manner in your letter to Tribune readers last week. It is time to take the politics out of our kids’ academic life and just flat out teach in person in some way shape or form. There are many safe ways to do this! These kids are going to pursue college very soon and your actions have been hurting our kids’ ability to get properly prepared.

You and other School Board Members have refused to listen to the taxpayers in Waunakee and realize that there is no chance in your reelection. We are currently stuck with a school board that is very political and simply caved into the teachers union. Thank goodness for a Democracy where you have to face the voters, listen to us, and we get to vote you in or out. It is unfortunate that this school board has held our high school kids’ hostage, but it seems obvious that us voters will pay special attention to your voting record when you seek reelection.


Brad Smith

Recall is only option

As a proponent of the Recall Effort of Board of Education President, David Boetcher, I’m writing to ask for your support.

We are a group of parents who watched BOE meetings last year to become more informed. Some of us were members of the Parent Advisory Committee at WHS. We had concerns about the President and VP of the BOE. We communicated in meetings, wrote emails, made phone calls, exchanged ideas and concerns with administration and the BOE. The catalyst of the recall was COVID-19 and the state of students’ education.

There are 14 of us with names on this recall but more than 20 who are involved behind the scenes. Unfortunately, a real fear for some is retaliation by BOE Leadership against their businesses/livelihoods. We have grown to 90-plus circulating petitions including business owners, teachers, coaches and citizens.

There is suggestion that this effort is because we want kids to be back in school at all costs. Mr. Boetcher has sometimes, albeit inconsistently, voted to return kids to the classroom. But he seemingly has a fundamental problem with our kids. They’re entitled troublemakers who break rules and so are their parents. They are KIDS and we are their community, helping them learn and grow.

Mr. Boetcher:

-doesn’t express concern for students, their mental or physical health, lack of curriculum being taught in a virtual model or impact this is causing.

-fails BOE Ethical Code, “remembering at all times that one has no legal authority outside the meetings of the board and to conduct relationships with the school staff, local citizenry and all media of communication on the basis of this fact.”

-discusses how to get our community to follow his rules or face his consequences.

-hears what he wants, lacks diplomacy and delivers information with his spin.

-uses social media in an inappropriate manner; to shame, bully, police and embarrass citizens and fails to manage other complaints about social media.

-answers to his constituents, we the people of the WCSD, not Mr. Guttenberg.

A recall is our only option. We are gathering signatures on our way to 2612. Katie Dotzler, who has worked tirelessly to try to turn the leadership around, is our candidate if a recall is successful. We have full confidence in the job Katie will do for our students and school district.

Mike Brandt, BOE VP, has announced that he won’t seek reelection in April. We need your support and signature to complete this effort.

Molly Miller

Letter explained it

Thank you, Michael Brandt, for the informative letter that you wrote for the Dec. 17 edition of the Waunakee Tribune explaining (at last) the details behind the recall effort of school board president David Boetcher. I could never find anything factual in any of their material, nothing I could check into and see what the arguments for and against were. Your letter provided all I need to know. This is an “absurd waste of time and energy.”

Christopher Glueck

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