Frye will

speak for us

I’ve lived in Waunakee for 40 years. I raised my children here. This Village was just a small, quiet community back then. The pace of inevitable development in town has exploded in the past decade. But the town administration’s process of inviting, encouraging and green lighting that development has not been as transparent, or as carefully vetted as it should have been.

Nila Frye has also been a resident for over 40 years. She has served on many Village committees over those decades, and has been a participant in institutions and activities that were part of Waunakee’s growth. That experience and commitment makes her as knowledgeable about the issues Waunakee faces as it grows as anyone in town.

Nila knows that it is not blind and unchecked change that we need. She fully realizes that we must maintain the feel and character of the town as we grow. We have to pay attention to the real possibility that the historic feeling of Waunakee is systematically being destroyed. Growth and development must be controlled and carefully monitored, using our Comprehensive Plan as the guide.

I’ve heard some town officials refer to the older neighborhoods as “blighted.” Really?! Well the older areas are part of Waunakee’s history, and they add character and flavor to our village. I don’t know why our administration has cut so many corners in bringing development to town. Nila Frye will do her part to try to keep that nonsense from continuing. She wants more citizen input and involvement in how Waunakee will go into the future, not less.

She fully realizes that the residents have a right to have a bigger say and far more influence than we currently do in how Waunakee grows, and what Waunakee will evolve into.

Please vote for Nila Frye for Village Board in April. Unlike some Board members, she will speak for us, rather than too often for developers.

Lynn Hagen

Support for Robert McPherson

I was a member of Waunakee’s Housing Task Force, participating in the entire process from start to finish. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to meet a number of other residents for the first time, including Robert McPherson. Robert impressed me with his skills right from the start. He brought a lot of knowledge from his finance career, housing programs, and other places he’s lived to the table. He was one of the most dedicated members of the group, even Skyping in to join a meeting when he couldn’t attend due to a work trip. If elected, Robert will bring the same level of dedication to the village trustee job. Robert is a strong advocate for transparency and open government, both of which we can improve on at the village level. Citizen engagement and inclusion in the governmental process is one of Robert’s priorities to ensure that residents are the first priority when making decisions. In addition, Robert works at a bank reviewing complex regulations and translating them into plain language so other employees can understand the rules better. A lot of what happens in government can be complex and hard to follow. Robert already possesses the skills, comprehension, and understanding of that fact. He will work hard to make sure that decisions are communicated in a way that all residents can understand.

If you vote for Robert, you will be voting for someone who has substantial policy and work experience to bring to the table. His knowledge will be a great benefit to all residents. Please vote for Robert McPherson on April 7.

Mary Heimbecker

Lewis deserves support

As a Waunakee resident and voter, I am casting my vote for Joel Lewis, for Waunakee School Board. Joel possesses the credentials and personality that I feel will benefit the students and families of Waunakee.

His tireless campaign efforts are greatly appreciated, as are the goals he has articulated for Waunakee schools. Joel’s dedication to professionalism and being a positive voice for the Waunakee Schools won my support.

I believe he will be a true advocate for all students, and that he will help ensure that every child has the chance to maximize his or her potential. I wish him the very best on April 7, 2020 and urge my Waunakee neighbors to cast their vote for Joel Lewis.

Julie Ann Lofreddo

Vote for Nila Frye

Nila Frye started volunteering on village committees as soon as she moved here, over 40 years ago. She didn’t aspire to be a politician, rather an involved citizen. Last year she decided that she would throw her hat in the ring when Sue Springman resigned her seat. I attended those candidate interviews and was impressed with Nila’s knowledge of the issues facing Waunakee, as well as her tact. I was disappointed when the trustees did not appoint her as she has more experience with village government than any of the board.

She believes in treating others like she would want to be treated. That means she listens and then advocates for those who need a voice at the table. She is committed to running a campaign based on issues. Her platform is more transparency in village government, especially when it comes to making decisions about development. Public input should occur early in the process, and votes on development should be in open session.

While serving on public works, she advocated for bidding out our garbage services, which saved taxpayer money. She does her homework, always having read meeting packets prior to the committee meetings. I have seen her disagree, without being disagreeable, which is a gift.

She is tenacious. Her persistence in trying to get soap in village restrooms is an example. I am one of the few citizens who regularly watch or attends village meetings and candidate forums. Nila routinely asks good questions, which is so important for true citizen representation.

Please help this wonderfully active, experienced, and civic minded person take the next step by voting for her for village trustee on Tuesday April 7.

Linda Ashmore

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