No to quarry expansion

Let’s divert the plan for the quarry. Do you remember driving by a big pit wondering how much further down will they dig and how much bigger can this thing get? Operations of some quarries are regulated to reduce environmental impact. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for the quarry off Schumacher Road and Easy Street which was initially mined by F.H. Raemisch and Sons, Inc. in 1966. Residents who moved into the area were reportedly told by realtors as well as by Duke Raemisch himself that the quarry would be closed in a few years. And yet, here it’s 2020....

With no limits on such quarry and blasting activity, how can we as a community hold a sense of peace when our homes, our living spaces and our families are put at-risk for our safety and well-being? How does this blasting impact our water quality when limestone that’s removed creates less filtration? How do we minimize the opportunity for radon gas to seep into our homes since blasting creates small fissures?

Remember being a kid and going for a homerun in kickball or hitting the ball so far that your friend had to go running to chase it? What if your favorite ball dropped down a steep embankment just 30’ behind your backyard? Or, what if you lost track of your speed and space and now you’re eyeing up the big hole in the ground? You’re a kid! You find some way to seize the challenge. These examples are real safety scenarios that could happen to anyone — our own children, their friends, neighbors and more.

Do you remember shuddering at the sound of an expected rumble to turn and see your pet or your young child seemingly upset again by the impulsive sensation? Similarly, you feel your heart racing, not expecting that intense vibration again. Do you recall your disappointment and frustration when you notice cracks in your walls again and the tilted framed pieces? And what about the angst in your mind as you consider the potential harm to areas of your home that are less visible, comparatively like a glacier? What’s “below the ice on the surface?” What damage is done to home foundations and walls with these blasts?

Help advocate. Get involved. Join us on Facebook at WAUNAKEE NO QUARRY EXPANSION. Join us in protecting our investment — our community, homes, families and legacy.

Neighbors in Northridge Estates and Waunakee Heights — Laura Sowinski, Howard & Elizabeth Teeter, David Dies, Jeff & Julie Yaeger, Bob Harvey

Expressing gratitude to the

Post Office

To Employees of the Waunakee Post Office:

My wife and I live at Bishops Bay Parkway. We so appreciate all you do for us in the way of postal services. We order several items online, and our packages are always placed inside the front apartment door without mistakes and with accurate online notification. One often hears criticism of the USPS lately, but we want you to know we disagree.

The carrier is polite to us when we see him and your post office is one of few we have ever seen that has a phone number that they answer, unheard of in this day and age.

Finally, the people working at the front counter are always courteous with a smile on their faces.

In this particular time of the year, with the election and upcoming Holiday season, we know that there are increase stresses on all of you.

Please enjoy these donuts as an acknowledgment of our appreciation for all you do.


Don and Sara Schultz

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