You can be a citizen scientist

We are Brownie Troop 7329, and we want to let you know nature is important and needs protecting. We worked on earning our Citizen Scientist badge this year and learned that anyone can be a scientist. We did projects on Six Mile Creek, and on clouds that helped NASA. You can be a Citizen Scientist too, by using an app or the SciStarter website ( Being a Citizen Scientist helps other scientists get information on our area to help them learn about our world.

Waunakee Girl Scout Brownie Troop 7329

The divide is concerning

A close relative sent me this quote from Charlie Daniels, “There are a lot of people out there who don’t like Trump, and that’s your business, but when a political party turns 100% of their efforts and energy into destroying a duly elected president, there is danger they will destroy anybody who disagrees with you and me.” What is this? Is this a reliable quote? What is the source? Is this fake news?

Since I don’t use cable television, I don’t see or hear the nasty, hateful, unnecessary language and propaganda put out by networks working to raise ratings in anyway it can, even if it takes down our country. The big money machine doesn’t care about people, the bottom line is what’s important.

My concerns are the families in this country being divided by politics. Many times, in the end, those who support and care for us is family. We must find ways to discuss issues without the anger, hate and fear.

The fabric of our society is woven with families creating a strong structure for our society and democracy. A high school history teacher taught me the first step in tearing down democracy is through tearing down families.

I don’t know about you, but I won’t allow divide and conquer strategies come between me and my family.

Sincerely, Nila Frye

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