School board president failed to show leadership

We recently reached out the the school board with deep concern about comments that Waunakee school board member Mike Brandt made in the Waunakee Can We Talk Facebook group disparaging the Catholic faith.

To date, the only response to this letter came from Mr. Brandt with a defense of his comments and “apologizing” if we were “bothered”. We, and many others, were deeply offended by his comments on a very public Facebook forum. At the very least, we should have heard something form the President of the Board of Education, David Boetcher, but sadly there was nothing.

Mr. Boetcher's inaction on our outreach and Mr. Brandt's behavior is not the leadership that our schools and community deserve.

There is a current recall petition to replace Mr. Boetcher as President of the Board of Education. If interested, see or email

Juli Olson

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