Saluting our supporters and your invite

We’re excited that things continue to look brighter and better as we move forward.

Project Graduation is continuing the Warrior tradition of celebrating its Class of 2021. Our plan involves a variety of safe incentives to compliment what the school intends to offer this year’s senior class.

Thanks to the individuals and businesses who donated to last year’s Post Prom (which was regrettably cancelled). We want you to know that your donations will be used to honor the Class of 2021 — here and now — through Project Graduation.

We’re about half-way to our $10K goal. Here’s how, when and where you can help.

Find us in Classmunity at It’s a quick and easy way for people to donate securely. Click Project Graduation 2021. Any and all dollars count!

Various Waunakee businesses will host dining specials where a portion of their days’ sales will go directly to this year’s Project Graduation campaign.

Lone Girl on Wed., April 7 (4-6pm) for percentage sales

Mr. Brew’s Tap House on Wed., April 14 (11am-9pm) for percentage sales plus $5 for every $20 gift card sold

Rocky Rococo on Tues., April 27 (11am-7pm) for percentage of sales

Plan a date?!… pay a visit?!… and make a difference!

Thank you for your support in an effort to honor and to celebrate the Waunakee Community High School Class of ‘21!


Lynelle Harrison, Project Graduation coordinator and the Project Graduation Team 2021 (proud parents and guardians)

Possible solutions to climate change

I have a deep respect for science, especially when science attempts to go the extra distance to reexamine contrary evidence to its own conclusions. It is true that CO2 absorbs heat during the day and slowly releases that heat. In other words, it helps to moderate temperature changes. Water vapor also absorbs heat and releases it in a similar manner.

CO2, at the current level of 400 parts per million, is approximately 0.04% of the various gases in the air around us. Nitrogen (another gas) is approximately 78.1% of the air around us or about 781,000 ppm. Oxygen is the next most abundant gas at about 20.9% or 209,000 ppm. Argon comes next at 0.09% or 900 ppm. Water vapor changes constantly.

Although we have seen changes in our climate in the last 20 years and the level of CO2 has increased, it is impossible to prove that correlation is indeed a cause/effect fact unless all other possibilities for increases in temperature are ruled out scientifically. Is the energy output from the son to the earth a constant? Is seismic activity in the seas a constant? Are climate variations always occurring? Do winds follow a prescribed pattern each year? What are the effects of solar flares, slight changes in the earth’s orbit, unchecked forest fires, destruction of the rain forests to increase cropland, “El Nino” and many other variables? Who actually believes that we can control the weather?

CO2 has been a friend to mankind forever. It is a temperature moderator and it supports life. When asked, “What is the optimum percent of CO2 in the air for plant life?” the answer comes in at 800ppm to 1200ppm. We know we need to produce food.

If we truly believe that CO2 is the culprit, then we should make every effort to decrease CO2 first by renegotiating with China and India about their input of CO2 into the atmosphere. China and India are not controlled by any international agreement and are among the larger and growing contributors of CO2. The use of natural gas in the United States has substantially decreased our CO2 contribution. The U.S. can do more by controlling our own wildfires (fires produce CO2) and by planting more trees. Trees take in CO2 and efficiently produce oxygen. They use the carbon in CO2 to create their own cellular structure.


Paul J. Weitzer

Editor’s Note: Although our letters to the editor policy prohibits letters related to candidates less than a week before elections, we are allowing this carefully limited response because it addresses an accusation made by a previous letter writer.

Allegation was wrong, dangerous

This letter to the editor is to specifically address a closing statement brought up by Phillip Willems’s letter in the March 25 edition of the Waunakee Tribune. In the closure of his letter, Mr. Willems made the statement that he “now question[s] the authorship of the mysterious letter”. This allegation is both wrong and dangerous.

The Waunakee Tribune did not cover the listening session from after the election in April 2020, for reasons unknown, and declined to write anything on this issue until June when the village held a listening session on racism and exclusion. At that meeting, Mike Brandt, the recipient of the letter, read most of the letter, editing out some names of local figures out of respect, but pointing out it targeted him, myself, and then WCSD school board candidate Joel Lewis for discriminatory reasons. The letter, Mike explained, was received prior to the 2020 Spring election, and it was agreed at the time that we would not release it as it could potentially be used politically, which would be unfair to all involved. The letter was anonymous and the timing on this can easily be proven. However, because it was anonymous, we have no idea who sent the letter in the first place. When asked why we did not go to the police, as Mr. Brandt said at the time (and I’m paraphrasing for the newspaper), “there is nothing illegal about being a jerk”.

The reason Mr. Willems’ comment is a problem is because it attempts to distort a fact that perhaps we faked the letter for attention or gain. This could not be further from the truth. As stated before, it was received before the election, and while this was communicated repeatedly to Mr. Willems, he has never reached out to us. No one involved was particularly enthused about the existence of the letter, but we did want it to be used as an educational tool for the community, which it has served that purpose. To publicly imply it was fabricated, and for the Tribune to publish that statement knowing it was false, is deeply disappointing. It gives legitimacy to the anonymous letter writer.

I would urge that the Tribune exercise greater discretion in the future, and work with future letter writers to ensure they do not continue to perpetuate damaging stereotypes against groups.

Robert McPherson

Hazardous lawns

Could we please not use residential pesticides in our yards this year? The Town of Westport abuts 500 acres of Wildlife habitat. Turkey, deer, owls, sandhill cranes cross our yards, living in the toxicity.

Scientific studies show that lawn lesticides can increase the risks of asthma and cancer in children, poison dogs with increased risk of Cancer, and kill wildlife and contaminate drinking water. It is poison.

Last year my neighbor had a company spray so much liquid poison in their yard that I had to slam the windows shut, move the hummingbird feeder, and keep the dog in all day. Never mind ever having honey bees, chickens, or the grandchildren over. They lead you to believe that this routine practice of spraying Pesticides is safe. It is safe in the same way that after years and years, cigarettes are still legally on our shelves. Enough money to the right lawmaker talks.

Don’t you think that we each deserve the right to enjoy our own yards safely 24/7 with our families? If you take the time to look at the white flag; it says kids and pets stay off. I am assuming that this means wildlife stay off also. Our state bird the robin gets to pull a worm out of that noxious lawn. Residential pesticides are totally unnecessary. Dandelions and creeping Charlie are good for the pollinators. We can get some exercise by bending over and digging out the broadleaf ourselves. Learn to live with them. Go to to learn more. Thank you.

Jill Bran


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