Love goes

a long way

My thoughts are with the marginalized citizens who struggle with everyday actions I take for granted. I think of those who have inadequate food or face poverty. I feel for those who are “different” than usual social norms. Many of these people are a sister, brother, son, daughter, parent, grandparent of another. A few feel alone in the world, due to not feeling ties to anyone.

I live in the wealthiest country in the world, yet we allow people to be hungry, bullied, degraded and disrespected. Aren’t we all citizens of the world? Why have we allowed greed to rise above civil society? What does it cost to give a smile and say hello? Does it hurt to be respectful?

For those who are Christians, is it too much to follow the good book to do onto others as you want others to do to you? I can’t recite scripture and I’m not in church every Sunday and I know I fall short. I have grown enough to realize it’s easier to love another, than it is to judge and hate. It’s easier to love my neighbor than to be exhausted finding fault with them. Lessons can be learned every day when we make space in our minds for improvement.

-Nila Frye

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