Let’s end the mask mandate

When will mask mandates end? The answer is clear: if we leave it up to unelected bureaucrats like Janel Heinrich, never. Children are being forced to wear masks for 8 hours a day at school, despite the fact that COVID is less threat to them than ordinary viruses we’re used to, such as cold or flu, have been all their lives. So what’s next? School mask mandates every flu season?

At this point it’s clear: the powers that be will never give us permission to stop living this way. This will not end until we all end it by cutting off their power by simply refusing to obey any longer. If a world where children never see their friends’ faces is not the world you want to live in, just say no. Don’t wear a mask next time you go to a store. If an employee officiously demands you do so, tell them you will patronize another store next time.

The time has come for this to end. Let’s end it

Anna Lenshek

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