Make your voice heard on Hwy. M project

I attended the Hwy. M Public Information Meeting on Oct. 30 after seeing a sign along the corridor. I would estimate at least 200 people showed up, so many that a second presentation needed to be held.

Unfortunately, the meeting was disappointing. No new information or road designs were presented. The presentation simply showed existing maps, crash statistics, and how to contact the study leaders. Public information meetings are supposed to tell attendees new details, not repeat what they already know. We’ve heard all of this information before with the North Mendota Parkway. Taxpayers paid for studies and maps, but the traffic situation hasn’t changed.

While citizens had the opportunity to ask a few questions, the project team didn’t seem prepared to give answers. One individual asked about the Bishop’s Bay development traffic projections, but the engineer didn’t have the numbers with him and said they would take too long to explain in a meeting anyway. Others raised concerns over varying speed limits but didn’t get an immediate answer. The meeting’s press release says that “the project team will be available to...address comments and answer questions.”

The original intent of the meeting appeared to be for comments, but that seemed to change once the project team saw the large crowd. Alas, most citizens attempting to speak were cut off. The engineer even ended the meeting early because “the room was too hot.” The hundreds in attendance came to raise concerns alongside their neighbors, not to hear the same information they’ve heard for years over again.

Another Hwy. M meeting will be held in the spring, and I hope it will be an improvement over the recent one. Anyone who uses Hwy. M can express their opinions and/or concerns through the contact information on pages 6 and 7 at this link until Nov. 13. Please let the project team know what improvements you would like to see.


Sam Kaufmann

Waunakee High School Student

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