Waunakee swimming, golf, tennis, cross country and equestrian athletes will be permitted to participate in a fall season, the Waunakee school board decided Monday, with other sports delayed to the fall.

Fall competition will be limited, however, with no teams traveling outside of Dane County and requirements that teams traveling to Waunakee from outside of Dane County abide by public health guidelines.

Social distancing practices must be in place for all sport spots, and all persons must maintain a 6-foot distance from others. While individual swimming events will be permitted, relays will not be.

The school board’s policy basically allows only low risk level activities to occur this fall. Outdoor events are limited to 15 people, including players, officials and spectators, and indoor events are limited to 10 people. Only 15 people per bus are allowed when traveling.

Masks are required for all indoor sports except for swimmers when they are in the pool.

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